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Hello When I'm Crashing

Feeling nothing when life's flashing before my eyes

Time goes back
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"suck me" lips, ?, all sorts of art, all things csi related, anatomy, barenaked ladies, ben folds five, built to spill, cartoons, classic rock, complimentary medicine, consuming coffee like crazy, cooking and baking stuff, dark humor, dave gahan, david lynch, david sedaris, denis leary, depeche mode, donnie darko, dreams and their meanings, elliott lennon, elliott smith, elliott yamin, erasure, experimentation, expression, expression through dance, eyes, family guy, fan fiction, fetishes, figuring you out, finding old tape recordings, flirtation, futurama, geeks with lasers, grey's anatomy, guys named dan, hands, healing, indie films/indie rock, insane convos, john frusciante, joni mitchell, joseph arthur, jumping in puddles, kaia, kevin smith's work, kitties, lil' peanut, listening to your voice, lost, lotr, loveline, macio, mary lou lord, massage therapy, memories, mindless yet entertaining crap, mixed media art forms, modest mouse, monty python, mr. brinkerhoff, mt. egypt, music that inspires, my fellow insomniacs, my st. ofle, naked ballet, nature, nerds, nudity, open minds, oriental dance, passion, people watching, photography, physical therapy, piercings, pink floyd, playing pool while intoxicated, poetry, puzzles, r.e.m., reading, reminiscing, rent, richard brautigan, rilo kiley, science, scissor sisters, sending you delerious emails, sex, sexuality, singing in the shower, six feet under, strong bad, stupid guest stories, sushi, taking scenic drives, tattoos, taylor hicks, terry jones, the 80's, the a-wing videos, the beach at sunset, the cure, the feelings, the human body, the human mind, the nude organist, total "dive" bars, twin peaks, videogames, walking around downtown, watching e grow up, watching guys play blackjack, world of warcraft, writing


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